The Home Buying Process

Steps 1, 2 & 3
Price, Area and Assistance

These are answers that are all intertwined together, and while you don’t need assistance to answer the questions of price and area, assistance can facilitate the process, and make sure that as a buyer, you haven’t missed an important element, and that moving forward with the buying process you have a trusted advisor on you team.

True professional people always hire experts in areas they don’t specialize. Be an professional and hire somebody that can lead you through the process. After all it is free, why wouldn’t you?


Step 1
Hire a Specialist

Most buyers may not realize, but hiring their own Buyers Specialist is free, with no cost or obligation.


Step 2
Determine Price


Step 3
Research all Areas of Interest

Step 4
Schedule Property Showings


Step 5
Refine Search and Monitor Market


Step 6
Make Offers


Step 7

Inspection, Appraisal, Locking in Loan terms,

Step 8
Closing and Moving