Free Fall or Soft Landing?

Last night I pulled up some very encouraging statistics. The total number of unsold homes in Long Beached dropped from 1033 to 819, in just the last month. A clear indication that the market is firming up. In addition, December saw increased sales activity. Good homes that had been sitting for a while finally started […]

Spring Prices Explode to Upside

Every December and January the Real Estate market slows with holiday glee. Buyers are busy with holiday shopping and parties, and sellers aren’t excited about being on the market during the holidays. With a 2 month seasonal hiatus, I often wonder what the spring will bring. This year I have been blown away at the […]

Is There a Real Estate Bubble?

As a prospective buyer, if I knew prices were rising rapidly, then I might bid more for a home than it was worth. However  if I knew that prices were dropping, then I might bid lower or I might just wait. But buyers don’t know what the future holds, they only think they know based […]