Seal Beach “The Hill” – Neighborhood Description

Seal Beach “The Hill” Map

The nearest comparison that we can make to Seal Beach “The Hill” versus Seal Beach Old Town, is the comparison between Belmont Heights and Belmont Shore. One has small lots and is close the beach, the other is just a short walk to the beach, but with all space of suburbia. The best of both worlds. The average lot on the hill is right around 5,100sf, but there are some larger 6,000 and 7,000sf lots which can be quite desirable.

The original tract homes were built between 1957 and 1962, but there are very few original homes that haven’t undergone major improvement, a second story or been completely scraped with a new home replacing it. At the top of the hill some of the homes get bigger and more custom with the homes on the north side of Crestview Ave backing the Gum Grove Park, providing a particularly serene setting.

Seal Beach “The Hill” is certainly an area where you can buy an home and know that any improvements will be financially rewarded. There is little risk of over improving in such a quality area so close to the beach.

We invite your call, should you have any questions about the homes currently for sale or recently sold.