College Park East – Neighborhood Description

College Park East Map

College Park East is one of 4 neighborhoods with “College Park” in the name, and it gets somewhat confusing, so let’s end the confusion now with a list of all neighborhoods with “College Park” in the name.

College Park – This is the neighborhood east of Studebaker, South of Anaheim and North of 7th Street / 22 fwy. On the earlier versions of the Realtor Map, they didn’t list this neighborhood as College Park Estates, just College Park, but “Estates” has since been added. Maybe this is what gave the neighbors to the south the motivation to change their tract name from College Park Estates to University Park Estates. What will Park Estates do know?
College Park Estates – This is the neighborhood colloquially know as the “Hole”, but now referenced as “University Park Estates”, because they put signs up at the entrance to this tract, but the older Realtor’s Map still shows “College Park Estates” just to further confusion.
Both of the above neighborhoods are part of in Long Beach.
College Park West – This is the small tract with one way in and one way out located right behind (to the east) of the “College Park” neighborhood listed above. The entrance in (and out) is just east of Studebaker at the 7th Street/ 22 fwy east bound exit ramp. You enter the tract by traveling east, paralleling 7th Street on the north side. This tract is Seal Beach not Long Beach, just to further confuse anyone.

But back to College Park East which is vastly different that either of the other 3 tracts that share the same name. College Park EAST was built between 1966 and 1971, with most lots around 5,200sf or a little larger. Why is the year built so important, because as I have mentioned before (on some other page), architectural styles and sizes of homes have changed drastically over the years. Homes of this vintage started becoming much more elaborate floor plans, styles and features. The smallest homes were just under 1,5000sf, but many original models were two story or split level with well over 2,000sf. Now this might not be a big deal, but in comparison to most of Los Angeles tract neighborhoods which were older and smaller, and might I say functionally obsolescent, to choose the appropriate architectural term, the College Park East homes offered space and a contemporary styling not available through most of the Long Beach neighborhoods.

With all that said, College Park East can be a little more affordable for a similar size / quality home compared to Rossmoor, as Rossmoor lots are larger (8,000sf vs. 5,200sf), which is significant, but Rossmoor homes are older and more dated, if they haven’t been remodeled.

Within College Park East fwy noise is a consideration, as it can be in many of the surrounding neighborhoods, so lack of fwy noise is an asset to the location.

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