Signal Hill – Neighborhood Description

Signal Hill Area Map

Signal Hill….. Where do I start? First off, I would like to apologize to anybody that lives in Signal Hill for grouping Signal Hill, an entire “City” within the West Long Beach category. This was done because on the Realtor’s Map, Signal Hill is just ONE area. It isn’t broken up into separate area, like Long Beach, Lakewood, or Seal Beach.

So while Signal Hill is only one search area for the entire city, per the Multiple Listings Service (MLS), there is a lot to talk about. When I got into the business in 1989, Signal Hill was just, well…. often overlooked. There wasn’t alot up there on the hill. But things have changed over 2+ decades, and in a very good way.

Now there are some newer housing developments, and quite a few more custom lots. So whereas 20 years ago, you might feel like you lived on an isolated island if you lived in Signal Hill, now you would live in a cool island get away, complete with walking paths, cool homes and great views.

There really aren’t any rules of thumb, as there are so many different types of properties, from the newer developments, some pretty upscale and cool condo’s with great views, duplexes, townhome sytle properties, and North of the 405 an old fashioned Long Beach neighborhood just south of Wardlow, which is California Heights adjacent.

As a rule of thumb, higher on the hill with better views will certainly improve value greatly, other than that there are no rules of thumb about Signal Hill.

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