New Bixby – Neighborhood Description

New Bixby Map

Bixby Village, Bixby Highlands, Bixby Terrace, Bixby Hill, Bixby golf course, Bixby Towers, Bixby Land Corporation…… There are a whole people, placed and things in Long Beach with “Bixby” in their name. It is no wonder that it gets a little confusing, and if this confusion causes you to overlook “New Bixby” then that would be a shame, because New Bixby is one of those small special older established neighborhoods, that makes Long Beach such a delight to explore.

New Bixby is truly a custom “Estate” type neighborhood. It starts with many homes that have larger lots of around 8,000sf to 12,000sf. There are some homes with lot sizes with only 6,000sf, but the bulk of the homes are on larger lots, which gives the neighborhood it’s estate feel. Couple that with custom homes where most were built between 1930 and 1951, and the neighborhood exudes and old world money charm.

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