Downtown Long Beach – Neighborhood Description

Downtown Long Beach Map

The downtown area doesn’t fall into the category of a “tract” therefore it is very difficult to give rules of thumb regarding the type of property one would typically find. There area many apartment buildings, condo complexes, “own your owns” (oyo), and less single family homes than other areas. The downtown area is typically a high density area.

Prices vary wildly. You can get a $50,000 OYO (Own Your Own), all the way to a million dollar penthouse suite with panoramic ocean views.

Downtown Long Beach does offer one of the few areas where you can get an ocean front, on the sand condo. There are only a few ocean front condo’s throughout the L.A. and Orange County areas. South Redondo has several (maybe about 5-7) buildings and Huntington Beach has only one ocean front building. Beyond that your only ocean front condo options are limited. In the condo market place, a garage can be highly desirable and almost all (97%) will come with 1 or 2 subterranean parking spaces with storage.

Beyond this small bit of information. The only rule of thumb is closer to the beach is better, but this almost goes without saying.