Chateau Thierry – Neighborhood Description

Chateau Thierry Map

If you didn’t have a Realtor’s map in front of you, or if you weren’t a resident of Chateau Thierry you may never have heard of this tract, as it is only two streets: Linden Ave and Elm Ave, north of Wardlow and South of San Antonio. This neighborhood has the feel of an old world estate feel with a city that has grown up around it, much like the feel of an old established neighborhood in Los Angeles with the city on a block away.

Fortunately the commercial streets that border it on west and east, Long Beach Blvd and Atlantic Blvd respectively, have seen major improvements in the last decade. The commercial districts that surround the neighborhood are now a big positive.

The homes themselves being custom range greatly in style and age. A good portion of the homes were built in 1923, with the balance being built around 1929-1939. Homes built outside these time frames are the exception. Most of the homes being custom estates in nature are often comfortable in size, with most homes between 2,000sf and 3,500sf on very comfortable large lots of 8,000sf to 11,000sf.

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