California Heights – Neighborhood Description

California Heights

Cal Heights has many old Spanish homes with a couple of old Bungalows. These well established neighborhoods have lots of charm, with a similar feel to Belmont Heights but with less density since there are very few apartment buildings. Cal Heights is a perfect alternative to Belmont Heights when a buyer doesn’t quite qualify for Belmont Heights prices since Cal Heights may be about $50,000 – $75,000 cheaper than Belmont Heights. It also offers a better commute time should you work in the LA area. Some of the factors that affect value in Cal Heights are lot size, character and location. Most of the lots in Cal Heights are about 50×130, this is preferable to some of the more narrow lots that are only 35′ wide. Some of the eastern most streets have homes built in the late 40’s (post WWII tract homes). These streets are not as desirable as the streets with mostly older Spanish and bungalow style homes. There may also be some light plan noise from the take off runway of the airport. This noise becomes less the farther west you go in the tract. Cal Heights may be a little more desirable as you go north and also west. There some of the lots along 37th are raised and this adds to the presence of these homes.

Area 6 – Overview

Area 6 is probably one of the more complicated areas due to the variety of different neighborhoods. The area can be broken up into trade up (custom) areas and tract areas (post WWII). The tract neighborhoods are Country Club Manor/ Ridgewood Heights and Bixby Highlands. These are also the most affordable areas.

The custom areas I will rank in order of price. This price takes into consideration lot size and typical size of home.

1) Bixby Terrace / Cal Heights (least expensive)
2) Bixby Knolls
3) Chateau Thierry / New Bixby
4) Virginia Country Club/ Los Cerritos (most expensive)