Bixby Knolls – Neighborhood Description

Bixby Knolls

There are several neighborhoods in Long Beach that have high name recognition, like “Los Altos” and “Belmont Shore”. While Bixby Knolls is just a small square (see map), the name Bixby Knolls is often used to label a the broader area. It is for this reason that the search criteria can be incorrect as many agents have incorrectly listed home to be in Bixby Knolls when they are not.

At this point, it is worth while to talk about the greater area since there appears to be confusion on even the part of the Real Estate agents. The Greater Bixby Knolls area is certainly one of the most diverse areas within Long Beach.

The general area surrounding Bixby Knolls includes the following tracts, which I have listed in order of most expensive to least expensive:

1) Virginia Country Club/ Los Cerritos
2) Chateau Thierry / New Bixby
3) Bixby Knolls
4) Bixby Terrace / California Heights
5) Bixby Highlands
6) Country Club Manor
7) Ridgewood Heights

Now don’t take the order of this list as gospel, as there is a lot of overlap between certain areas. I have listed some neighborhoods as having similar price points like Bixby Terrace and California Heights because they are as close as possible and saying one area is more expensive than another is simply a judgment call and splitting hairs.

Just use this as general guideline. This is an important list, because this general area can vary in price by over a million dollars, ranging from modest starter tract homes to million dollar estates on the golf course.

Now that I have given you the full disclaimer that many of these homes you see in supplied RSS feeds may not be correct because Real Estate agents have input the data incorrectly, a little about the homes.

The average Bixby Knolls home was a custom home built between 1937 and 1951 and has lots of character. The average lot size is in the 6,200sf – 7,500sf with an occasional 8,000 and 9,000sf lots. Architecturally most of the homes will be very traditional in nature.

We invite your call, should you have any questions about the homes currently for sale or recently sold.