Park Estates – Neighborhood Description

Park Estates Map

I can’t tell you how many buyers I have spoken to that call me all excited because they have just found the area they want to live, only to find that the neighborhood is out of their price range.

That excitement level says a lot about the feel of this neighborhood. Park Estates is very appropriately named because the area is lushly landscaped with large lots and estate homes. All of the home are custom, most were contracted in the 1950’s. Since they are custom homes, most have nice size rooms and considerable charm. The major factors that affect value in Park Estates are size, condition and lot size.

Many of the homes in Park Estates can be broken into two or three categories. Homes with lots of 6,600sf – 8,000sf. Many of these homes are located in the North West part of Park Estates, homes with 8,000-10,000sf and finally the estate size lots of 13,000 – 18,000sf , with an occasional lot in excess of 20,000sf. Most of the homes on estate size lot start around $700,000 and up.

While most are great homes, ones that come up for sale often need some updating since they were built in the 1950’s and current sellers are often older and have not made any recent upgrades for the last 20 years.

Park Estates offers a unique country feel that is not matched by any other neighborhood. The other area that has such a feel is the Virginia Country Club area. Park Estates offers the benefit of a closer proximity to the beach.

We invite your call, should you have any questions about the homes currently for sale or recently sold.