Old Lakewood City – Neighborhood Description

Old Lakewood CIty Map

Like most of the post W.W.II tract homes there is not much difference between areas to the untrained eye. Most of Lakewood and East Long Beach in the tract areas feature the following, modest homes originally 2 bedroom 1 bath or 3 bedroom 1 bath homes, ranging in size from 880sf to 1250sf, on a minimum of a 5,000sf lot, built between 1948 and 1954.

Since the homes are quite modest by today’s standards many people have added a master suite and a family room. These homes typically sell for between $230,000 and $300,000 depending upon condition and quality. When looking at any home with more than 1250sf and 1 bath focus more on the floor plan and how well the addition was integrated into the original home than exterior street appeal. There is a large variation in quality with regards to the additions. Some people have done beautiful additions making the home contemporary and up to today’s standards. Other times you just think “what were these people thinking?”.

Old Lakewood City homes tend to be older and smaller than some of the other surrounding tracts. It was one of the original tracts surrounding the small little downtown area North East of Bellflower and Carson. The homes where built between 1942 and 1946. Condition can be more of a factor since the homes are older and may not have worn as well as other tracts. Each home truly needs to be taken on its own merits.

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