Lakewood Village – Neighborhood Description

Lakewood Village Map

Lakewood Village is a unique area that stands out from the surrounding tracts. It stands out from the surrounding tracts for two reasons. First the lots are larger than average at 60 x 130 (7,800sf) for an average size lot and secondly because there are many custom homes within the tract, built over a variety of era’s.

Lakewood Village is an ideal location to buy a fixer upper because there is a large difference between some of the original tract homes and what can be built out and still be conforming for the area. The original tract homes are very dated for the lot’s potential. The original 3 bedroom 1 bath tract homes have only 1,000sf , so most of the rooms are very small.

There are also a huge variety of custom homes built over the years. Homes built in the late 30’s have traditional charm and character. There are also many new homes built in the 80’s and 90’s where the owner/ builder tore down the original structure and started from scratch.

Every once in a while there is a rare double lot (120ft wide). There is a significant added value since and individual lot may sell for at least $350,000.

There are no bad locations within Lakewood Village with the following exceptions. Homes on Clark Ave. will sell for considerably less since they lack the tranquil neighborhood feel of an interior location. A second consideration is homes backing some of the busier streets where there are apartments. Both the west side of Pepperwood and the east side of Montair have alleys at the rear that are shared with 4 unit apartment buildings. This is not a major drawback but many prefer the privacy of backing to the back yard of a single family neighborhood. The third factor regarding location is how many custom homes reside on a given street. More small tract homes are located north of Arbor producing a less grand feel. As many of the smaller homes get torn down this variation should be eliminated.

Lakewood Village offers a custom neighborhood with large lots at a reasonable price. It is certainly an area to be considered should you be looking for larger lots in a quaint neighborhood.

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