Eastside & Circle Area – Neighborhood Description

Eastside & Circle Area Map

The Eastside and Circle areas are one of the most tricky neighborhoods to understand. This is because there is a huge variation in quality . The price of these neighborhoods varies depending on location and lot size.

Use the following rules of thumb to determine price and quality.

1) Prices increase moving in the southeast direction towards Belmont Heights and Belmont Shore.

2) The quality can be determined by the density with in the area (how many apartment buildings are around). Generally there will be the least density between 4th and 7th Street. Slightly more density between 7th Street and 10th Street and significant destiny between 10th Street and Anaheim Street. The density can then drop off slightly north of Anaheim Street. The exception to this rule is that as you move farther east the density can drop off, especially in the Circle area where homes north of Anaheim Street can be mostly single family neighborhoods.

3) Lot Size – A full size lot in the area is ideal, typically 50 x 130 . The most desirable area has homes with mostly full size lots.

4) Architecture – Spanish and California Bungalows are more desirable than most other properties and can increase value due to their charm and character. The value that this brings to the table is dependent upon how well this character is preserved.

To summarize – The most desirable homes in the Eastside / Circle area will have a full lot, in a predominately single family area close to Belmont Heights or up in the Circle area.

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