Belmont Shore – Neighborhood Description

Belmont Shore Map

Belmont Shore is one of the neighborhood names that everybody knows, in fact well enough that it is often just referred to as the “Shore”. This does cause a little confusion with some of the surrounding neighborhood, such as Belmont Park, Naples, and the Peninsula all right in the immediate vicinity. While Naples is distinctly located across the bridge at Bayshore and the Peninsula is physically separate as, well.., because it “is a Peninsula. Belmont Park is similar and yet different.

Per the Realtors Map, the border between Belmont Shore and Belmont Park is 2nd Street, but somehow this seems wrong to me. It should be more like “The Toledo” that separates the two neighborhoods, as the homes on each side of 2nd Street and the neighborhoods have the feel: Active, congested, with a eclectic mix of older Spanish 1920’s beach homes, completely leveled and redo luxury homes, to duplexes, triplexes and apartment buildings. There is a mix of everything. It isn’t until you move farther away from 2nd Street, past “The Toledo” and towards Broadway, that you see the true distinction between Belmont Shore and Belmont Park. Once in Belmont Park there are no apartments or multi-family dwellings, plus the lots on average become about 10′ wider and 10′ deeper.

But back to Belmont Shore, there the average home…. Well there isn’t an average homes. The original 1920’s beach houses, were either 2 bedroom 1 bath or 3 bedroom, 1 bath, with a small yard and a one or two car garage. Basically these were summer homes, and so they are very modest. But certainly the area being near the beach has warranted improving the original modest homes. So over the years most have been extensively remodeled and added on to.

With space in the shore at a premium, larger lots are valued and driveways are a huge plus. The typical lot is 30′ wide, but a property has a 45′ wide lot with a driveway, that would be a HUGE plus. Often it is difficult to get both a yard and 2 car garage, so extra lot depth or width helps.

Other factors that greatly affect the desirability, is the density and character of the street. Are there many large apartments on the street? Or is the street mostly single family homes? How close is the property to the noise and traffic of 2nd Street? Or is the property in a quiet mid block location. Or for a big plus if the property had a water view by being located on Ocean Blvd or Bayshore Ave. These are all factors that affect value and desirability.

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