Belmont Heights – Neighborhood Description

Belmont Heights Map

Belmont Heights has a large variation of single family homes, residential income property and condominiums. Many of the original homes are either California Bungalows or Spanish style homes built in the early 1900’s, with most constructed in the 1920’s. A full size lot is quite spacious with 6,500sf (50 x 130), however many lots have been split up into 1/3 lots (50 x 50) and 2/3 lots (50 x 80). The price of a home will vary greatly depending upon location, closer to the beach (south) or closer to Belmont Shore (east) is most desirable. The individual street plays a big role as well. Areas with less apartments and density will be more desirable. The style of home may also play a significant role in value. California Bungalows and Spanish homes with the character still preserved may bring a premium.

When a home has all of the best features; large lot, proximity to Belmont Shore and character, the price will be at the top of the range.

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