Mayfair – Neighborhood Description

Lakewood Mayfair Map

The Lakewood Mayfair is the oldest subdivision in the City of Lakewood with most homes being built between 1941 and 1947. The typical lot size is 5,200 – 5,700s. Pretty much everything that applies to the other Lakewood Tracts (Lakewood Park, Lakewood Mutuals, and Carson Park) applies to Mayfair.

The Mayfair area of Lakewood is a little more affordable, as it is on the North end of Lakewood, but then this is a phrase that applies to all of Lakewood and East Long Beach, the farther you go South toward the beach the More expensive the area. If we were to take Mayfair as our base. Then the change in price as you go farther South might look like this:

1) Lakewood Park – Just south of “South Street” +15,000
2) Lakewood Park – Just north of Carson Street +30,000
3) Long Beach – Just south of Carson +45,000
4) Long Beach – Towards Spring Street + 60,000
5) Long Beach – Los Altos south of the 405 fwy + 75,000

Now of course this is just a VERY rough guideline and certainly open to debate and revision, however you get the idea. East Long Beach and Lakewood are all very similar post WWII tract homes built within about a 10 years of each other and there is only a subtle variation in price as you move farther south.

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