Lakewood Park – Neighborhood Description

Lakewood Park Map

Lakewood Park is the largest tract within the city of Lakewood, and Lakewood was the largest development in the United States at the time it was being developed. So Lakewood Park is a very big tract.

There are some basic rules of thumb about the original homes, but unlike the Carson Park and Lakewood Mutuals which only has 5 models, (4 – 3br/1bth models and only 1 – 2br/1bth model), there are too many options to cover. So hear are the rules of thumb.

All Lakewood Park homes are on raised foundations, so there will be hardwood flooring under an carpet that is laid down, with the exception of kitchens and baths. All models started live as either a 3 or 2 bedroom, one bath model. The garages however can vary from 2 car attached or detached, or even 1 car attached garages on some models.

The home size is modest, ranging in size from 1,066 to 1,122 for the 3 bedroom models, and lot sizes are almost always 5,000sf or very close. So often times the big variation in quality of structure comes from the additions that many owners have undertaken. As a quick rule of thumb, the typical addition consists of a family room and true master bedroom being added on to the rear of the home. This takes a 3 bedrooms original 1,100sf to a more contemporary 1,600 to 1,800sf. If the home has less than 1,500sf there usually is not a family room, and homes over 1,800sf start encroaching on usable back yard space, unless that owner choose to go two stories.

Location wise, further east or south will add a little value, but all in all Lakewood Park is a very homogeneous tract with not a ton of variation within the home styles and lot sizes, other than what is apparent from a street level.

We invite your call, should you have any questions about the homes currently for sale or recently sold.