Lakewood Mutuals – Neighborhood Description

Lakewood Mutuals Map

Lakewood Mutuals along with Carson Park I believe are some of the nicest original Lakewood tract models. They were a little larger than the Lakewood Mayfair and Lakewood Park home. There are essentially 4 models of Lakewood Mutuals homes, and this of course applies to the Carson Park tract, because they are the same homes.

The “H” model has the living room and dining room up front with the entry way splitting the two rooms with a coat closet in the middle, with a galley kitchen behind the dining area, along the side of the home with the driveway. At the rear of the kitchen is the laundry room with rear yard access.

The “E” model is the rarest of the models, you just don’t see many. This model can be distinguished as the only model with the kitchen up front. The kitchen appears larger than other model kitchens, maybe because it is more square than a galley configuration.

The “F” model is quite common, with it’s most distinguishing feature being a living room at the rear, but with the same kitchen /dining/ laundry combination as the “H” model. Dining room up front, kitchen along the side of the home with the driveway, and laundry at the rear. The difference hear is that the instead of being presented with a coat closet from the front door as in the “H” model, you are presented with a small hallway leading towards the rear living room, dining room on one side and access to the small front bedroom on the other side. This small bedroom works well as an office as it is at the front of the home, has access from the common hallway for all bedrooms, and access to the main entrance area. The largest of the 3 bedrooms is at the rear. Expanding the rear living room works well in making a great room, however care must be taken to not make this room too dark of if get larger in size of if a previous owner puts on a larger covered patio this rear living room can be too dark.

The largest of the models is the “D” model, which can be distinguished by the living room that wraps into the dining room. I would have to say this is the most contemporary of the floor plans as the living room flows to the dining room flows to the kitchen.

Those above models are all of the original 3 bedroom, 1 bath models. The 2 bedroom model, can quickly be distinguished by the two car garage is upfront, as opposed to all of the 3 bedroom models which have the garage at the rear. The two bedroom model has the open style living room / dining room arrangement that the “D” model has, but the main bathroom is a little small. When adding on to the 2 bedroom model, most people build off the rear of th kitchen and create a family room, this then does limit back yard space as the setback on the 2 bedroom model is already significant.

But of course, much of this “Model” description can be thrown out the window as many of the Lakewood Mutuals homes have been added on to it is now the quality of this addition work that takes precedence.

In terms of location, the mutuals can have a significant variation in location, with the most desirable locations surrounding the Lakewood Country Club.

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