Lakewood Manor & Estates – Neighborhood Description

Lakewood Manor & Estates Map

While about 95% of Lakewood had been developed by 1952 with Lakewood Mutuals and Carson Park being the last large development, there were still two more developments to be completed, being Lakewood Manor & Lakewood Estates.

I am separating these two developments from the rest of Lakewood for one simple reason, a second bathroom. Now there is more than just a 2nd bath that separates these two tracts from the rest of Lakewood, but certainly having a second bath is a good start. If you are student of architectural history, it is not too difficult to look at a home and determine the approximate year built.

As time marched on after WWII, the size of homes increased, as it seems to do every year. As a benchmark, Lakewood Park was developed around 1950, with 3 bedroom, 1 bath models ranging in size from 1,066 to 1,122. Two years later the Carson Park and Lakewood Mutuals tract were built and Lakewood homes got about 100sf bigger, with 3 bedrooms ranging from 1,098 to 1,219sf.

It may not sound like a lot more, but the difference between a 1,000sf 3 bedroom home, 1,200sf 3 bedroom home and a 1,400sf 3 bedroom home is VERY significant. All of the rooms get a little larger.

In addition to the second bathroom, this additional size is what separates Lakewood Estates and Lakewood Manor from the rest of Lakewood. Lakewood Estates was build in 1954-1959 with 3 bedroom 1.5 bath and 4 bedroom 2 bath models ranging in size from 1,131 sf to 1,500sf, on slightly larger lots of 5,500sf or more, instead of 5,000sf lots.

Lakewood Manor was built even later in 1962 with 3 & 4 bedroom models all with 2 baths ranging in size from 1,400 – 1,500sf. These homes can be distinguished from other Lakewood homes because they have slab foundations. Cherry Cove, just North of Del Amo and East of Cherry is another one of the few Lakewood developments built in the 1960’s (1968 & 1969) with slab foundations.

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