Fix Up is More Critical when Location is Less than Ideal.

Odds makers understand statistics. Specifically they understand the likelihood of two events happening. As an example, if you drive down the street, what would be the likelihood of seeing an older Volkswagen beetle? If you are in Southern California, this would be pretty likely, it might only be 15 minutes before you saw one. Then what […]

The 80/20 Rule Applies with Home Preparation

I just got off the phone with past clients that are in the process of getting their Dad’s home ready for sale. The home is a stunning Craftsman home in a prime historical district. The home has character and presence, the only problem is Dad let maintenance go for the last several decades. We talked […]

How to Prepare your home for Sale, A video example – 1924 Fanwood

In these videos, we look at a home that didn’t need much work, but through proper home preparation, we were able to maximize the homes value with a few select improvements. Part 1 Part 2

How to Prepare your home for Sale, A video example – 829 Lees Ave

829 Lees – Living Room In these video, we look at a home that had been neglected and abused. The owner had let his sons live in the property and rent out rooms to all of the son’s college buddies. We came in and helped the seller maximize the homes value with an interior cosmetic […]

What Improvements, Prior to Sale, Return the Most Profit for Your Home?

After a seller knows how much his home is worth, the next question is “What can I do to increase the value?”. Sellers will usually start with ideas based upon the fix up work they were going to do for themselves, that list of 20 things you haven’t done yet. While Real Estate agents have […]