Barron’s Says Housing Market “Ready to Rebound”

 I just re-read Barron’s cover story from story from two weekends ago. Barron’s is the only paid subscription newspaper I get, in addition they tend to be conservative or on the bearish side of the coin. While I thought the article was quite lacking in substance, their timing I believe is of value. So here […]

Banks are Idiots – Wells Fargo Prefers You Screw Them, Than Be Paid Back.

Today I got to speak with Larry and Sean at Wells Fargo. This was my second day of three way calls with my client on the line, trying to get somewhere in an attempt to “Do the right thing” and save Wells Fargo $20,000, or more. Jenny & Jim bought their home about 10 years […]

When you sell Crap as AAA, that is Fraud

We don’t have a problem with capitalism, we have a problem with crony capitalism. If the government doesn’t enforce existing law, they by default condone and promote more illegal activity. More laws will not solve a future scenario like the existing housing crisis, enforcing current laws, and prosecuting the fraud that occurred during the housing […]

Ben Bernanke – Between a rock and a hard place in Housing Market

Ben Bernanke is intentionally trying to devalue the US dollar to prop up the housing market. While I don’t agree with him doing this, I do understand why he is trying to destroy the dollar. Deflation by itself isn’t really a problem. I know that the word deflation is always associated with the Great Depression, […]

Appraisals & Why Andrew Cuomo’s Legislation Must Die

On May 1st new legislation (by Andrew Cuomo) went into effect, which is crippling the Real Estate market. The piece of legislation that I am referring to is know as the HVCC or Home Valuation Code of Conduct. Theoretically the intent of the legislation sounded good, to enhance integrity in the appraisal industry. The result […]

Credit Crunch, Short Pays & CAR’s 2008 Economic Outlook

The Credit Crunch I’m a big fan of financial sayings. “It’s only when the tide goes out that you discover who’s been swimming naked – Warren Buffett, is one of my favorites. In August of this year, that is exactly what happened to many sub prime lenders and the loans they made. See page 34 […]