Buying With a Partner When All is NOT Equal

When you buy a home with a partner or spouse and everything is split 50/50, it is easy. But what happens when what you bring to the table is different? How do you make it equitable for both parties when contributions are not equal? This morning I spoke to a couple that are looking to […]

A Tepid Recovery

This recovery is very unlike the past two recoveries of 1985 and 1995. In both previous recoveries, prices climbed to new highs and powered forward for 5 – 10 years. The two previous price moves forward were 1985 – 1990 and 1996 – 2006. In both previous recoveries, it was like a light switch was […]

The Future of Real Estate Prices

The investment world has no shortage of commentary and media on the state of the economy. CNBC runs 24/7 with analysts prognosticating the next boom or bust. Most larger stocks have analysts that follow with baited breath each new earnings report. Real Estate on the other hand, receives no such treatment or following. I just […]

Barron’s Real Estate Article Correct! – But Missing Risk of Higher Rates

Last month Barron’s cover story was about the housing market. The cover predicts that home prices will be headed up 7% in the next 3 years. This prediction almost seems a day late a dollar short, as in August I wrote that Los Altos homes price were up $30,000 year over year, which translates to […]

Banks are Idiots – Wells Fargo Prefers You Screw Them, Than Be Paid Back.

Today I got to speak with Larry and Sean at Wells Fargo. This was my second day of three way calls with my client on the line, trying to get somewhere in an attempt to “Do the right thing” and save Wells Fargo $20,000, or more. Jenny & Jim bought their home about 10 years […]

Economics is a Dismal Science.

If I were the dean of a college I would put the economics department in with the history department, or possibly the psychology department. Just the thought of associating the term “science” with economics is very misleading to all students and layman trying to understand economics and investment theory and downright insulting to scientists. The problem lies […]

Ben Bernanke – Between a rock and a hard place in Housing Market

Ben Bernanke is intentionally trying to devalue the US dollar to prop up the housing market. While I don’t agree with him doing this, I do understand why he is trying to destroy the dollar. Deflation by itself isn’t really a problem. I know that the word deflation is always associated with the Great Depression, […]

Home Prices Drop Double Digits in only 4 Months!

Credit Crunch – the Straw that Broke the Buyer’s Back. It was the perfect storm. A seasonally quiet time coupled with the now infamous “credit crunch”, quoted as the worst credit crunch in the last 20 years by Bear Stearns president, James Cayne. As the credit crunch started to unfold, it was unclear what would […]

Creative Lending, A Sign of Trouble?

I was interviewing lenders today to get a pulse on their business. It was a trip down memory lane. One lendernd I, were reminiscing about the creative financing tools we had in the early 90’s. Then the market was at it’s top and affordability was a big issue. Here are two creative ways we helped […]

Is There a Real Estate Bubble?

As a prospective buyer, if I knew prices were rising rapidly, then I might bid more for a home than it was worth. However  if I knew that prices were dropping, then I might bid lower or I might just wait. But buyers don’t know what the future holds, they only think they know based […]