State of the Market – A Top is NOT in sight…..

Lately I have had quite a few appointments where sellers were concerned about the future of real estate prices. With homes hitting new highs, they question the sustain ability of the market. My answer has been that I don’t think there is anything to worry about, as long as interest rates remain stable and the […]

Real Estate Continues to Rally, But for How Long?

The current Real Estate market in Long Beach continues to be strong. However the climb back to 2006’s peak values from 2011’s bottom, may be running up against a little bit of resistance as this year unfolds. My outlook is positive, but there are concerns on the horizon. The History of Long Beach Home Prices […]

Buying With a Partner When All is NOT Equal

When you buy a home with a partner or spouse and everything is split 50/50, it is easy. But what happens when what you bring to the table is different? How do you make it equitable for both parties when contributions are not equal? This morning I spoke to a couple that are looking to […]

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Times and Locations

Times and Locations for Household Hazardous Waste Click for Flyer – Household Hazardous Waste Disposal The County of Los Angeles has hazardous waste pick up the second Saturday of each month from 9am to 2pm. The location for this drop off is 2755 California Avenue, Signal Hill 90755. The above link is flyer with complete […]

2015 Neighborhood Garage Sale Dates

Eldorado Park South – 6/27, registration deadline 6/11 College Estates – 7/11, registration deadline 6/25La Marina Estates – 7/18, registration deadline 7/2 University Park Estates – 7/25, registration deadline 7/9Los Altos X-100s (behind Kinkos) – 8/1, registration deadline 7/16(If you’re not sure about what area, contact Penny at or 562 572-2298 Registration Form (El […]

A Tepid Recovery

This recovery is very unlike the past two recoveries of 1985 and 1995. In both previous recoveries, prices climbed to new highs and powered forward for 5 – 10 years. The two previous price moves forward were 1985 – 1990 and 1996 – 2006. In both previous recoveries, it was like a light switch was […]

2014 Neighborhood Garage Sales

Sale Dates and Registration Deadlines: El Dorado  Park South – July 12th – Deadline June 26thCollege Estates – July 19th – Deadline July 2ndLa Marina Estates – July 26th – Deadline July 10thUniversity Park Estates – Aug 2nd – Deadline July 17th Registration Form is available below: Garage Sales 2014 – Registration side – ALL […]

The Future of Real Estate Prices

The investment world has no shortage of commentary and media on the state of the economy. CNBC runs 24/7 with analysts prognosticating the next boom or bust. Most larger stocks have analysts that follow with baited breath each new earnings report. Real Estate on the other hand, receives no such treatment or following. I just […]

2012 Prices up as much as 5+%, Inventory Low, Prices Poised to Rise!

1995 was a pivotal year. Prices stopped going down. It had been 5 long years since prices peaked in 1989/90. Each year seemed to drag on with no end in sight. The fact that prices weren’t going down anymore seemed like little consolation because the market still felt dour, unexciting. Maybe prices weren’t going down […]

Barron’s Real Estate Article Correct! – But Missing Risk of Higher Rates

Last month Barron’s cover story was about the housing market. The cover predicts that home prices will be headed up 7% in the next 3 years. This prediction almost seems a day late a dollar short, as in August I wrote that Los Altos homes price were up $30,000 year over year, which translates to […]